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About KayBri Desserts

Joni Harris
Owner/Lead Baker

Joni Harris is the owner of KayBri Desserts. The bakery is named after her two daughters, Kayla and Brianna.

While attending graduate school, Joni’s roommate suggested that she take a cake decorating course. Her roommate knew how talented Joni was at baking and insisted that she use the cake decorating course as a way to take her decorating skills to the next level.

While her daughters were growing up, Joni noticed that there were not any local bakeries that made specialty cakes from scratch. So, she baked her own cakes for her daughters and their special events. This eventually turned into Joni baking for her family, friends, and their events as well. It was not long before she was baking for weddings, parties, family reunions, sporting events, etc. Joni did not know that years later her decorating skills and love for baking, would inspire her to start her own bakery.


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