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KayBri Desserts uses the very best ingredients and is freshly baked. Check out KayBri Desserts full bakery menu for all our delicious desserts. We are always sampling and discovering new recipes. Be on the lookout for KayBri’s feature flavor in cakes each month.

Check out our delicious cakes and treats!

Flowers on Wood

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KayBri Desserts has been our go-to bakery for a while now. As we consider ourselves professional travelers, we have tried some of the best desserts in the United States. From the well-known Arcade’s Bakery (New York City) to Patisserie (San Francisco, California), KayBri Desserts could trump them all. Generally, I measure a bakery’s quality by the consistency, flavor, and moistness. KayBri Desserts offer an attractive look with an amazingly sweet and delightful taste. (Moral of the story) I bet you can’t eat just one slice!

- Justin F.

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